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Pet-Friendly Apartments in West Chester PA

When you’re in the market for a new place to call home, and you have a little furry pal that’s coming along with you, don’t you want more than just a place that allows you to bring them? Doesn’t it make more sense to find actual pet-friendly apartments in West Chester, PA, that also are accommodating to their needs?

Pet-Friendly Amenities

Rather than just being a place that gives you the green light to bring your dog or cat, your pets have plenty of amenities to look forward to when moving into Market Street Flats. First, consider the apartment floor plans themselves. No matter which size best suits your needs, there is plenty of space for your four-legged pals to roam freely without feeling pent up. Not to mention, every one of our apartments is equipped with Energy Star washer and dryer units, so whenever you have a need to clean up after your feisty friend, you don’t have to haul everything to a public laundry room or laundromat.

Local Pet Services

Outside of the apartment, you have easy access to all that you could want in order to make sure your pet’s needs are met. Head to Veronica’s Doggie Delights for a selection of preservative-free, healthy treats your dogs will love. With choices like peanut butter bacon and bacon cheese sliders, your pup will be elated (more so than usual) each time you offer up a snack. When it comes to managing all that fur, whether it’s your dog or your cat, just a few blocks away you’ll find Barkers Barber. No matter the size of your pet, they’ll be given the royal treatment, leaving them looking and feeling like a brand new animal. Services include everything from baths to haircuts to nail trimming.

Nearby Parks

Let's not forget how much fun it is seeing just how elated your dog—and sometimes cats!—get when you give them the opportunity to explore open green spaces. Just a block away is John O. Green Memorial Park. While there is no dedicated leash-free area for dogs, there are more than 23,000 acres for you to meander, watching the pure joy in your pet's eyes as they take in all the sights and scents.

Quality Care Close By

And keeping up with your pet’s health couldn’t be easier. Less than half a mile away is Chester County Cat Hospital. This feline-focused spot, open Monday through Saturday, provides a stress-free place to take care of all your cat's medical needs. Just slightly farther, in the opposite direction, is Jane Latta Veterinarian, where you’ll be able to see to your other animals’ needs.

When we say we have pet-friendly apartments in West Chester, PA, we mean it. Market Street Flats isn’t just about giving your animals a place to stay. We want them to feel just as much at home as you do. Contact us today to learn more!